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ioSelect Software Support Products

All of the support software, drivers, quick start guides, and software documentation can be found and downloaded in this section. If you have any problems with your downloads, or require assistance in configuring your ioSelect products, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (877) 343-8467. We are always here to help!

Industrial Wireless Software

Industrial Wireless Software

Product Software File Description File Download
ReFlexIO ReFlexIO Configuration Manager .zip File
ioProWDL X-CTU Radio Configuration Utility .exe File
EtherWave EtherWave IP Setup Utility .zip File
AirioMCU AirioMCU Server Setup Utility .zip File


Distributed IO Software

Distributed IO Software

Product Software File Description File Download
ioPro ioStudio Configuration Software .zip File
ioPro LogiSoft PLC Programming Software .zip File
e.bloxx ICP-100 Configuration Software .zip File
e.bloxx Profibus .gsd Files for e.bloxx .zip File
ZPC Z-PROG Configuration Software .exe File


Signal Conditioning Software

Signal Interface Software

Product Software File Description File Download
UniPak UP488 Configuration Software .zip File
UniPakHD UP307USB Software Drivers .zip File
Transmitters T120/T121 EasyLP Configuration Software .zip File
Transmitters EasyLP Quick Setup Guide .pdf File


Remote Telemetry Software

Remote Telemetry Software

Product Software File Description File Download
TBOX TWinSoft Installation File .zip File
TBOX MS32 Patch .zip File
TBOX LT2 Patch .zip File
TBOX TView Installation File .zip File
TBOX TWinSoft Release Notes .pdf File
TBOX TBOX Dial It! Setup .pdf File
TBOX TBOX Mail Setup Program .exe File
TBOX Multiple TWinSoft Installation Instructions .pdf File
ZNET ZNET Configuration Program .exe File