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Software for Distributed IO Products


This software should be used hand in hand with anyone using an ioPro system especially when an IOMAP2 module is being used. With the software installed on your Microsoft Windows based PC, the modules can be configured via an RS-485 serial cable. Every parameter of each module can be adjusted and modules can be assigned specific addresses allowing an ioPro system with a mix of module pairs.

• Verify if modules are functioning properly
• Ability to configure the IOMAP2 Mapper module
• Adjust module paraiosmeters on screen
• Access communication settings
• View real time IOs from modules

Module Specifications

Figure 1

Simple Connectivity

Figure 2

LogiSoft - PLC Programming

This PC based software is used to configure and program PLC products manufactured by ioSelect. It has built in intelligence to auto configure itself according to the type of PLC being used. The software is written in the ladder logic language. With the ladder logic in comination with function blocks allow the use of mathematical functions and manipulation of variables.

• Supports PLCs that can accept a Modbus master configuration
• Create, save, and load projects
• Ladder programming
• Ability to debug the PLC
• Various function outputs

LogiSoft User Manual

Edit IO Tags

Figure 3

Debugging Mode

Figure 4

Program Processing

Figure 5