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Replace Dozens of Signal Conditioners with One - The UniPak from ioSelect


The UniPak family of Universal Signal Conditioners provide the latest in Signal Isolation, and Industrial process functionality available on the market today. Each UniPak product is field configurable for the specific calibration required, eliminating the need to stock several 'fixed range' units to support your system requirements.

The work horse of the UniPak family is the UP488. The UP488 can accept a variety of input types (DC V or I, TC, RTD, Pot, or Resistance) and provide a linearized DC (mA or V) output proportional (or inversely proportional) to the input signal. The UP488 can be configured either by push buttons, DIP switches, PC software, or with the handheld UniCal Universal Calibrator. This one unit can satisfy more than 80% of most signal conditioning requirements all with a single (on the shelf) unit. For the other 20% of the applications, there are a handful of wide-ranging UniPak products that specifically address these needs: including conditioners for strain gage Inputs, AC voltage or current, frequencies, and specialty functions such as DC splitters, add/subtract modules, and a range of alarm trip units with 1, 2, or 3 configurable set points. In the end, there are literally thousands of possibilities with one cohesive family of products.

For more details on this product line, or for specific assistance with your application, contact ioSelect. Not sure what you need? Order our ioSolutions CD. Tell us about your specific needs and we will help determine which products will work best for your application, budget and schedule.