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High Performance Should Not Mean High Price

Two-Wire Transmitters

When it comes to high performance and value in two-wire transmitters, nothing beats the two-wire transmitter family of products. With universal configurability and a wide range of temperature assemblies, and accessories, specifying the solution you need has never been easier and less expensive!

The two-wire transmitter family consists of high accuracy, configurable field mount temperature transmitters, and high-accuracy transmitters for measuring AC and DC currents up to 40 amps. All two-wire transmitter products are loop powered and provide a 4-20 mA DC output proportional to the temperature or current they are monitoring.

These products are designed and manufactured by Seneca Instruments, our exclusive signal conditioning partner company. With leading edge technology and a high tech manufacturing process we are able to deliver a high quality, high performance product at a fraction of what others charge for their 'low cost' products. Two-wire transmitters are designed to provide the performance without the sticker shock.

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