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Action Pak Replacements Made Easy From ioSelect


With more than 30 years of experience in Signal Conditioning technology, you can trust ioSelect to have the product you need with the plug-in compatibility that you require. This is why we offer the industry's widest range of plug-in 'paks', the AccuPak family. From the industry standard AP4380 to one-of-a-kind specials, ioSelect is your 'one-stop shop' for all your "AP" needs.

While the AccuPak shares the industry standard pin-outs and familiar relay style packaging that proliferates instrument panels around the world, this is where the similarities end. In just about every technical area, the AccuPak family outperforms the other 'clones' in the market hands down. For example, the AccuPak AP4380 boasts 3-way isolation of better than 1,400 V (not 500 V, like some), and a 4-20mA output drive of 1200 ohms (not 500 ohms, like some), and a response time of less than 100 msec (not 200 msec or greater, like some). Spec for spec we're better performing, and with our lower price and quick off-the-shelf delivery the AccuPak is also the better value. For all your signal conditioning needs, ioSelect has your back and your 'Pak'.

For more details on this product line or for specific assistance with your application, contact ioSelect.