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Modular, Open, Standard Architecture for Distributed Automation


The Z-NET family of products provides the correct balance of modularity, scalability, IO mix, functionality for projects requiring a lot of power in a small amount of space. This product provides the flexibility to design and configure the system with a standard set of open and well documented tools. But don't let the small size fool you, the Z-NET products pack a punch when it comes to flexible and powerful distributed automation at a single or several sites connected together.

The heart of the Z-NET system is the powerful 32 or 64-bit RISC CPUs. In addition to the powerful PLC/RTU functionality they provide, the Z-NET CPU is also a web server, data logger, Ethernet Bridge, and Modbus master/slave. It supports up to 32MB of RAM (for logic) and 64MB of flash memory (for data). It also has battery backed RAM for retention of key variables.

The Z-NET IO and special function modules enable an extremely capable, distributed system capable of handling direct connection to virtually any process variable including DC, V/I, thermocouples, RTDs, bridge inputs, frequencies, AC measurements, PID loops, and an array of digital IO functions. All units are Modbus compatible, and as such are connected easily using standard RS485 wiring, or through our optional Z-NET connection system.

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