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Water & Wastewater

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Water & Wastewater

Our products are cost-effective throughout the entire span of remote water monitoring system applications -- from small, rural supply systems to wastewater treatment plants serving large metropolitan areas. Our numerous industry installations include the following:

• Freshwater treatment and filtration
• Water supply SCADA systems
• Pump station
• Heating
• Sewer monitoring and lift station
• Wastewater treatment plant process

Remote water monitoring system features for the water and wastewater industries include:

• Wide temperature range/outdoor environment operation
• Local alarm management and data logging
• Broad support of communications protocols to provide compatibility with many SCADA systems
• Open programming tools to reduce project implementation times and scheduling risks for systems integrators

Our remote water monitoring systems are cost effective for even the smallest applications.

Application Briefs

Remote Pump Operations
Canal/Basin Monitoring System
Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring System
Pump and Lift Station Operations

Case Studies

Water Distribution at La CILE
Ventura River County Water System
Dubai International Airport Storm Water
Reservoir Monitoring
Ministry of Public Works Project
Evansville Water and Sewer Utility