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Telecommunications & Broadcasting

Since broadcast transmission installations are often in unmanned, remote locations, use of a rugged, reliable RTU is essential. Intelligent monitoring and automation functionality provides immediate notification of alarms and other, live conditions, reduced risk of downtime, improved preventative maintenance, increased energy efficiency and increased operational efficiency. Key remote site monitoring product features for telecom and broadcast applications include:

• Wide temperature range/outdoor environment operation
• Local alarm management
• High-capacity data logging and sequence of events (SOE) monitoring
• SNMP protocol for systems monitoring
• Broad communications protocol support for compatibility with wide area networks and SCADA systems
• Push technology that informs multiple recipients of conditions via PDA, lap-top computer, and mobile phone
• Redundant configurations to provide high availability

RTU products consolidate the functionality of an alarm notification/dialer product, data logger, programmable controller, and security system for complete monitoring and automation of the entire facility, including:

• Transmitter monitoring
• Remote transmitter changeover
• Tower monitoring and aircraft warning light monitoring
• Mains power monitoring including voltage, current, phase and frequency
• Monitoring of primary and backup generator
• Generator fuel level monitoring
• Battery voltage, temperature and charge/discharge monitoring
• Facility monitoring including temperature, humidity, lighting, HVAC system status, smoke/fire alarms
• Automation of HVAC and lighting systems
• Security monitoring including intrusion detection, motion detection, IP video, and access

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