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Applying Internet and IP Technology to Monitoring

T-Box Lite

The T-Box Lite is an all-in-one package that brings full web server technology, SMS reporting, small measurement, and telemetry outstation applications in a low cost SCADA solution. Our compact, standard design, and innovative technology enable real-time access, anywhere, with a standard web browser. T-Box LITE is an ideal solution for small applications requiring up to 32 I/O points. The self-contained system gives you everything needed to create high-performance, yet economical SCADA, and telemetry outstation applications. Now, you can receive alarms at your site remotely using a cell phone. Automatic alarm escalation allows maintenance personnel to receive unacknowledged alarms and innovative push technology allows you to receive alarms as they happen without having to poll a device.

T-Box LITE has Semaphore’s unique Plug & Go technology allowing the distribution of your full site configuration on a single MMC card. In addition, the T-Box LITE system includes an on board web server, advanced programming using ladder or BASIC, up to 4 communication ports, and an intelligent uninterruptable power supply all in a compact, rugged, and metal DIN-mount housing.

For more details on this product line or for specific assistance with your application, contact ioSelect.


• Onboard Web server technology that eliminates complex, costly SCADA software
  and expensive HMI displays.
• Advanced programming functions allow program set-up using Ladder or BASIC.
• Up to 4 communications ports provide flexible connectivity options to field devices
  and remote systems.
• Rugged, alloy construction stands up to the harshest environments.
• Intelligent uninterruptible power supply filters and conditions incoming power and
  manages standby batteries.
• Reports and trending charts are generated from the software T-VIEW.
• Programming via TWinSoft Suite (automation, web editor, report editor).


LT-100 - is the most basic, low-cost configuration and includes 2 DI/pulse inputs
  and 8 DI/DO points.
LT-200 - meets a broad range of requirements from building management
  to processes in water and wastewater treatment systems. I/O includes
  6 AI, 2 Pt1000 temperature inputs, 2 DI/pulse inputs, 8 DI/DO, and 4 DO (relay).
LT-201 - is designed for solar heating systems and temperature zone monitoring
  applications. I/O includes 2 AI, 6 Pt1000 temperature inputs, 2 DI/pulse inputs,
  8 DI/DO, and 4 DO (relay).
LT-300 - is designed for railroad monitoring and other applications that require more
  analog and digital points but no temperature inputs. I/O includes 8 AI, 2 DI/pulse inputs,
  4 DI, 16 DI/DO, and 2 AO.

Communications Options

PE Model - PSTN modem
RE1 Model - 2.4 GHz SS Radio
RE2 Model - 900 MHz SS Radio
SE Model - Full RS-232
E Model - None
All models include the following ports: RS-232 (for local configuration and programming), RS-485 (for field devices), and 10/100 Ethernet (for IP networking).

Ordering Information

• LT-100-GE, LT-100-PE, LT-100-RE1, LT-100-RE2, LT-100-SE, and LT-100-E
• LT-200-GE, LT-200-PE, LT-200-RE1, LT-200-RE2, LT-200-SE, and LT-200-E
• LT-201-GE, LT-201-PE, LT-201-RE1, LT-201-RE2, LT-201-SE, and LT-201-E
• LT-300-GE, LT-300-PE, LT-300-RE1, LT-300-RE2, LT-300-SE, and LT-300-E

Kingfisher T-BOX Lite

Kingfisher T-BOX Lite

Kingfisher T-BOX Lite

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