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Kingfisher Modular RTU Products

Kingfisher Plus+:

Processor Modules | I/O Modules | Backplanes | Communication Processors | Communications Options

Kingfisher G30:

         G30 Compact RTU

Kingfisher Low Power RTU:

         LP-2 / LP-3

Measurement that Goes the Distance

Kingfisher PLUS+

The Kingfisher Series is the only remote terminal unit (RTU) line that features an embedded programming and configuration environment as well as the extended memory and power of a PLC. Kingfisher systems are particularly well suited for large, demanding measurement applications that employ central stations. With its Toolbox Plus software, the series incorporates an ISaGRAF integrated operating environment with configuration, IEC 61131-compliant programming, development, and maintenance in one simple-to-use package. The result is an easy-to-configure remote terminal unit solution that achieves exceptional performance. The Kingfisher Series combines the benefits of advanced processor and software technologies with the reliability of proven I/O modules and communications options.

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