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Infrastructure Management

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Infrastructure Management

Monitoring of Fixed and Mobile Assets

Whether assets are mobile or in permanent installations, these products are highly informative, efficient and timely in their communications. Via cellular phones, PDAs, or personal computers, management has secure, worldwide access to information.

Equipment operates more efficiently and reliably. Intelligent monitoring of compressors, engines, generators or pumps can provide considerable energy savings, enhanced service life and increased customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Monitoring

T-BOX RTU products combine multi-communications with alarm management and intelligent data logging in a very cost-effective package. The on-board web server provides complete access to information with a browser and eliminates the need for expensive SCADA software licensing and configuration of HMI displays. The RTU uses push technology to initiate message transmission; networking is greatly simplified because no polling is necessary. Alarm reports, historical logs, trend displays and web pages are maintained locally within the RTU. Live information allows operations staff to rapidly respond to evolving conditions while historical trends provide for continuous improvement.

By accessing web pages, users can, at any time, monitor live process conditions such as the following:

• Alarm status
• Auto/manual
• Electronic diagnostics codes
• Fuel level
• Load/unload status
• On/off/running stopped status
• Pressures
• Power output
• Speed
• UPS/back-up battery status
• Temperatures
• Vibration
• Voltage

Security-related live status information is also available via web pages:

• Access granted or denied
• Doors / hatches / fuel cap opened/closed
• Key code entered
• Local PC plugged-in
• Location via GPS
• Motion detector
• Video

The integral alarm management system will inform multiple personnel of alarms or events such as:

• Battery failure
• Location change GPS report
• Diagnostics code indications
• Emergency shut-down
• High or low pressure
• High or low temperature
• High vibration
• Main power failure

Intelligent Automation

T-BOX processing capabilities are appropriate from simple through complex multitasking automation requirements. For even the most sophisticated applications,our programming tools, dynamic analytical tools, and libraries significantly reduce development time. Readily configured are tasks which perform the following functions:

• On/off
• Speed
• Air/fuel ratio
• Load
• Custom calculations such as power output, torque, tank strapping tables, etc.

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