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Energy, Building, and Facitlity Management

Using our products, many small business owners today are realizing increased energy efficiency as well as worldwide access to information about their facilities. Intelligent monitoring and operation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting provide savings upwards of 20%. Users have secure access to information via cellular phones, PDA’s, or personal computers.

Products such as the T-BOX Lite have been designed for small systems and provide many important benefits to systems integrators and users:

• Compact, rugged RTU is quickly installed and includes all I/O, Ethernet, and modem hardware
• On-board Web server provides complete access to information with a browser and eliminates the need for
  expensive SCADA software licensing and configuration of HMI displays
• The RTU uses push technology to initiate message transmission; networking is greatly simplified because no
  polling is necessary.
• Formatted alarm reports, archives, trend displays and web pages are maintained, so traditional SCADA software is
  not required.

These products are ideally-suited to large facilities and are currently monitoring and controlling many plant-wide systems. Redundant configurations, sequence-of-events monitoring and IEC 61131-3 software compliance are key features for systems such as power plants.

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Energy Management for Small Businesses

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