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ioSelect Products are the Solution-of-Choice for Process Measurement, Remote Monitoring, and Wireless Connectivity for World-Class companies, on a Worldwide basis.

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Industrial Wireless Products in the Field

Here are a few examples of industrial wireless products and how they are used for specific applications.

ioProWDL & ioPro Modbus IO Modules:

The ioPro Wireless Data Links or WDLs are great alternatives for wired applications. In this example, a company has 2 remote locations they need to monitor from a main room. Instead of replacing old run down wires, they decided to install an ioPro WDL at each location (150 and 300 feet away). The flexibility of the ioPro modules allows for a variety of configurations, a mix of digital and analog signals. In this particular system, we are able to mirror a digital input module to multiple relay modules and at various locations. All at the same time, an analog pair can co-exist. Using the ioPro modules eliminates the hassell of installing lengthy wires, that will eventually need to be replaced down the road.

ioPro Modules

An ioPro 16DI module at each location can be paired with up to four ioPro 4RO modules, and more specifically at various locations. The ioPro IOMAP module at the master location acts as a Modbus Master while all other IO modules are treated as Modbus slaves. The ioPro WDL modules replaces the wires, as if all the modules were connected to the same 2 wire RS-485 network. The wires that had been used originally had issues, instead ioSelect, along with our partners, is able to provide quick and practical solutions such as this. Operators at the main room (master location) can oversee the entire operation from a single display, to ensure field units are running properly.

Furthermore, these ioPro modules can be hardwired to other systems such as a DeltaV making these modules perfect for applications that require IO expansion.