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Industrial Wireless deployment has never been easier!


The ReFlexIO is a wireless telemetry solution that enables remote monitoring of virtually any device. Fitted with onboard, license free, Spread Spectrum technology, ReFlexIO allows you to reach that device or system that would prove too difficult or costly with cable. The ReFlexIO system is designed to operate as a wire replacement device, ideal for secure I/O transfer in any application. The ease and convenience of the system’s secure wireless link makes it ideal for monitoring the level of a tank or controlling a pump.

Each ReFlexIO unit allows you to connect (2) Analog Inputs and (2) Digital Inputs which are wirelessly transferred to (2) Analog Outputs and (2) Digital Outputs on the other end. The 2 ReFlexIO 'paired' units work bi-directionally, so it's possible, for example, to turn on a relay (digital input to digital output on the other end) and get a signal back (digital input to sense replay closure returned to digital output on the original sending unit) to turn on a light telling you that the relay is indeed on. Common transmitter/receiver pairs do not have this functionality, but the ReFlexIO does. In addition, the built in LED display makes it easy to monitor real time process information, and keep track of the system's health all with the touch of a button.

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Download the ReFlexIO Manager. A free software used to configure the ReFlexIO module.



• Obstacle Penetrating Wireless Mirrored IO System
• 2 x AI, 2 x AO, 2 x DI, and 2 x DO
• Range of up to 20 Miles (Line of Site)
• Does Not Interfere with Wi-Fi Networks
• Multi-Function Display
• 128 bit Encrypted Payload Protection
• Simple Plug and Play (Easy to Setup)
• NO FCC License to Operate or Install
• Event Logging
• 3 Operation Modes: Back to Back, Remote IO, or Modbus Slave

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Ordering Information
REFLEXIO-B2B-900: ReFlexIO Back to Back Pair
REFLEXIO-RIO-900: ReFlexIO Single Unit