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Flexible and Scalable Wireless Solutions


The ioProWDL distributed radio, controller, and IO Module provides the highest power and flexibility in a multi-point industrial wireless system. The heart of this flexible wireless system is the ioProWDL 900MHz FHSS radio. The ioProWDL is a stand-alone RS232/485 wireless serial link, capable of linking any simple 232/485 serial signal (Modbus, Profibus, DNP3, ACSII, etc.) in a simple bridge (point-to-point) or broadcast (point-to-multipoint) fashion. The internal spread spectrum radio operates at 900MHz (with up to 1 watt of transmit power) and can link distances from several feet to several miles depending on the topography of the site and the antenna options utilized. You do not need to have line of sight, making this an ideal choice for industrial installations. In addition, the noise-immune nature of frequency-hopping radios like the ioProWDL, and the 256-bit AES encryption provided with every transmission make this one of the most secure and reliable wireless technologies available. Rest assured your signals will get through safely, securely, and reliably.

Add ioPro Distributed IO modules to the ioProWDL, and you've got a flexible, high density way to wirelessly interconnect virtually any process variable IO point (mV, V, mA, TC , RTD, or Digital IO) to anywhere you need it (IO mapping, or Modbus/Ethernet connections to your DCS/PLC). All ioPro modules provide a high level of isolation (to protect signal integrity), and are designed to operate in the most extreme environments.

For complex mapping applications, the ioPro-PM101/102 Modules add PLC functionality and Ethernet Gateway capabilities to allow tie in to Legacy systems with ease. ioProWDL industrial controller, distributed io module and 900MHz radio is a stand-alone RS232/RS485 wireless serial-link for Modbus, Profibus,DNP3 and ASCII.Secure wireless technology from ioSelect.

For more details on T-Box product line, contact ioSelect. For specific assistance with your application, Order our ioSolutions CD. Tell us about your requirements and we will help determine which products and services best fit your application, budget, and schedule.

X-CTU - IOPRO WDL Configuration Software

ioProWDL Application Example

ioPro System Selection Guide


• Serial Communications (RS-232 or RS-485)
• Slim DIN Rail Mounted Package
• License Free Operation (FCC approved)
• Up to 1 Watt of RF Power (Selectable)
• LED Status for RSSI and Communications
• Operating Temperature: -40 to 80 °C
• Works with other ioPro Modules in Mirrored IO Configurations
• Typical Configurations: Wireless Mirrored IO or Wireless Modbus IO

Ordering Information:
IOPRO-WDL-900: Wireless Data Link