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Intrinsically Safe Wireless Monitoring that Goes the Distance.


The Airio EX Wireless Process Monitor provides the correct balance of multiple process inputs, supply power (up to 15V) for 4-20mA sensors, and battery or DC power capabilities - all in a compact, fully integrated, explosion-proof enclosure. Airio-EX-WPM units can be process or pole mounted, and can wirelessly transmit all process data (as well as internal temperature and battery life data) at distances up to 1 mile from the Airio-EX Wireless Gateway Unit. Units can be configured to transmit on a scheduled time base and on process events. In the standard configuration, multiple Airio-EX-WPM units can communicate back to a single Airio-EX-WGU Gateway.

The Airio EX-WGU Wireless Gateway Unit receives transmission data from all of the Wireless Process Monitors (with which it is associated) and maps this data to pre-assigned Modbus registers, for easy interfacing to legacy DCS/PLC or other Modbus compatible Host Systems. In addition, the Wireless Gateway unit can provide up to (2) Analog Outputs (voltage or current) and (2) Digital Outputs (contact closure) when connected to a single process monitor, for simple wire replacement applications. The Wireless Gateway Unit is powered with 9-30VDC, and multiple packaging options are available to allow mounting inside of existing enclosures or equipment. The unit is Class 1, Div 1 or Class 1, Div. 2 approved, depending on the enclosure selected.

The configuration of the Airio-EX system is accomplished through easy-to-use, intuitive Windows (XP, Vista, Windows7 compatible) interface tools. With this tool it is possible to define and configure unit set-up screens, real time monitoring displays, project screens, sample intervals, event triggers, and transmission frequencies. The application also has a powerful battery calculator to determine what the combination of channels used, sample intervals and transmission frequencies has on overall battery life. This software is provided on a CD, and is included (free of charge) with each Wireless Gateway Unit.