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A Complete System Designed for your Application

ioSelect is proud to provide a complete system integration of our products, from the I/O module to the industrial enclosure. Let us design a system that is shipped complete directly to your door step. Let us know what you would like included and we will integrate it into the installation. Below are just a few examples of previous integrations ioSelect has been involved with. Feel free to contact us today to get your system up and running!

ioPro Mirrored System:

This is a typical application where the ioPro line of modules is used. Where data needs to be sent from one location to another without the use of wires (by using radios). However in this special application, Fiber optic cable was specified to be used as an interface between a local location and a remote location. As shown below, each enclosure contains the necessary power supply, terminal blocks on DIN rail, and cabling all mounted on a back plane. In this custom configuration, we are able to convert the RS485 signal from the modules (16DI and 8AI-ISO) into Ethernet; and then Ethernet into Fiber. Instead of running a fiber line for each signal type (RS232, RS485, Ethernet, etc.) we are able to communicate across a single fiber line.