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Precision Measurements Made Easy


The e.bloxx family of modules provides laboratory quality measurements in a compact, industrial DIN mount package. Manufactured in Europe by our partner company Gantner Instruments GmbH, the e.bloxx has been proven as the module of choice for high demand users in the process, factory automation, and test & measurement markets.

From automotive test stands to pharmaceutical processing, our e.bloxx line of high quality measurement modules are unsurpassed in accuracy, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Our e.bloxx family makes it easy to develop and deploy modern high performance test stand applications. The combination of openness, scalability, and performance is unmatched. Use them as a single module connected to LabView or Visual Basic, or build a high performance time synchronized multi-channel system (Realtime Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profibus, etc.). The choice is yours!

Every e.bloxx module has an internal CPU and fully programmable settings including selectable input types, linearization, calculations, filtering, alarming, and sensor failure detection. The e.bloxx units are designed to operate in the most extreme environments and connect easily to a host of legacy system interfaces with an open, easy to configure architecture.

The e.bloxx series is designed for industrial process and experimental test systems requiring precise high speed measurement of electrical, thermal, and mechanical quantities. ioSelect provides a full family of complementary hardware and software for e.bloxx.

Gantner Instruments

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