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Products that Make I/O Easier

To complement our entire product line, we are pleased to offer these various accessories to help make your installation simpler and direct. Feel free to contact us if you can't find what you need. We will recommend the necessary components that will help complete your installation.

Industrial Wireless Accessories

Antennas, Cables, Lightning Protectors, and More

We carry various antenna types and lengths to fit your installation. Antenna styles include omni or uni-directional, whip, yagi, and pole mount versions. Cables have industry standard connectors and range come in lengths up to 125 feet. For outdoor applications, lightning protectors are highly recommended.

Industrial Enclosures

Industrial Enclosure

These industrial NEMA enclosures come in various sizes, styles, and options to meet your exact requirements. Made to simplify a wireless installation, the enclosure comes complete with everything you need but the radio and the IO. A power supply, lightning protector, enclosure mounted antenna, Din rail, and cable are all included. For a complete integrated solution, have ioSelect install the radios and I/O modules, test and program, and ship directly to your door.


Distributed IO Accessories

ISK 101 - RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

ISK 101

The ISK 101 is a converter between your PC and the e.bloxx measurement modules (RS-232 to RS-485). A very compact design that includes a standard DB09 plug and a LED status display (power, recieve, and transmit).



ISK 200 - USB/RS-232 to RS-485 Converter with Power Supply

Similar to the ISK 101, but comes complete with an integrated 20 VDC power supply that can supply enough power to run up to 6 e.bloxx modules. The ISK 200 also acts as a converter between your PC and the measurement modules (RS-232 to RS-485 and USB to RS-485). All components are contained in a desktop packaging that also includes an LED status display (power, receive, and transmit).


Signal Conditioning Accessories

MD08 & MD11 - Surface Mount Pin Sockets

DIN rail or surface mount sockets for the AccuPak. Comes in an 8 or 11 pin configuration.

UniCal - DC Calibrator, Multimeter, and UP488 Configurator


The UniCal is a hand held multi-functional device that operates as a multimeter, a DC calibrator, or a configurator for the UP488. An integrated high definition OLED display provides the end-user a complete read out making it simple to operate. Included with the UniCal is a charger for the battery, protective case, and programming cable.

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UniPak HD UP307A - RS485 Isolator/Repeater

The UniPak HD UP307A is a configurable, DC powered, DIN rail mount RS485 to RS485 isolator/repeater. Communication rates are selectable using the integrated dip switches, making the unit flexable and easy to configure. Ideal fit where space in a panel is tight (1/4" thick). Other features include a power bus option, quick connection spring clamp terminals, and front panel diagnostic LEDs.

UniPak HD UP307B - RS232 to RS485 Isolated Serial Converter

Similar to the UniPak HD UP307B, but instead of being an RS485 to RS485 isolator/reapeater, this unit is a RS232 to RS485 isolated serial converter. Has all the same features in the same thin 1/4" package.

UniPak HD UP307USB - USB to RS485 Isolated Serial Converter

The UniPak HD UP307USB is a DIN rail mount USB to RS485 serial converter with 1500 volt isolation between the ports. This converter allows newer PC's that do not have DB9 serial ports to interface to a serial network allowing for configuration, maintenance, or permanent installation without requiring an external power supply. The units comes supplied with a USB to mini-USB cable. It is Windows and Linux compatible.

Temperature Transmitter Accessories - Industrial Thermocouple & RTD Assemblies

Transmitter Assemblies

These temperature transmitter assemblies complete your temprature monitoring application. ioSelect is able to provide a complete, ready to install, pre-wired, and pre-calibrated sensor/transmitter assembly. Assembly customization involves the choice of transmitter, temperature range, probe type & length, fittings, protection head, and thermowell. Monitor temperature the way you want to.


General Accessories

PowerPak 825 - 24 VDC Power Supply


Any installation is not complete with out a reliable power supply. ioSelect provides a Class 1, Division 2 safe, DIN rail mounted, 24 VDC power supply. This industry leading performance power supply has integrated features such as sag immunity, transient suppression, and noise tolerance, all in a light weight and compact form factor.



CommsPak - Communications Converters

The CommsPak family of communication converters solves communication interface problems in a quick and simple method. Provided in a compact and DIN rail mounted enclosing, and can connect in various ways including Ethernet, Fiber, and standard RS-232, and RS-485.

ConnectPak - Pluggable Relays

These DIN rail mounted, pluggable relays with 4000 volt isolation between input and output make up the ConnectPak family. Their extremely small size make them suitable for mounting in the smallest of spaces. All units have the same high level of operation and performance specifications. You are in the right place if your in need of an industrial grade, 250V AC/DC pluggable relay.